Not that one! Alex Tarantino has been named as Commercial Director at Colmore, the new limited partner reporting and portfolio monitoring provider that launched in January 2017.

Tarantino will be responsible for driving Colmore’s growth strategy in the US and Europe and joins from a global fund administration provider.

Tarantino commented: “Colmore’s platform is completely new and creates a shift in the information paradigm for private equity investors. The team’s expertise and the entrepreneurial drive to deliver innovative technology enabled services to clients just blows me away.”

Commenting on the new hire, Colmore CEO Ben Cook stated: “Apart from his taste in movies, Alex is a perfect fit for Colmore. He brings a new dimension to our thinking, has a deep understanding of the market and a proven eye for technology innovation. The team and I are thrilled to have him onboard. ”

Colmore provides investors real time insight into their private asset portfolios. Using cutting edge technology, Colmore monitors over $2 Trillion in portfolio company assets, servicing over 1,400 limited partners. Colmore is proud to be one of the largest independent service providers for limited partner reporting, quantitative fee tracking, fee validation services and portfolio monitoring. 95% of Colmore staff have worked previously at a GP or LP.

For further information, please contact:

Ben Cook, Chief Executive Officer

Phone +44 (0) 121 214 9290

Email communication@colmore.com

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