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Your Challenge

Private equity fees are complicated. This complexity limits their clarity. While GPs deliver great reporting, we know that due to your fiduciary duties to your stakeholders and increasing legislative and regulatory pressure, you’d like the option of third-party fee validation. A full forensic audit can often run away with money and is a one-off exercise. There is another way.

Our Solution

FAIR, our Fee Tracking and Validation Service, is a simpler, more cost-effective way to get greater confidence in your underlying fund charges.

How we Do It

Fee Tracking

On-going service

On a quarterly basis, we track your management fees, carried interest and expenses


We work off existing GP documentation and industry fee templates, providing a non-intrusive tracking service


We deliver easy to understand reporting on individual funds and your cumulative portfolio. Need a custom output, don’t worry, we probably already have it covered, including:

  • California Section 7514.7
  • Maryland – Bill 821, Chapter 202
  • Texas – Senate Bill 322
  • Swiss TER
  • UK TER / CTI

Fee Validation


We review every LPA and Side Letter to understand your unique terms


We model expected vs. actual fees, and investigate / resolve any variances


Using our proprietary scoring matrix, we deliver easy to understand reporting on individual funds and your cumulative portfolio


Discrepancy?! Don’t worry. As a former LP, we can manage the delicate conversation with GPs to ensure that we have all the required data inputs

We’ve Got
You Covered

Colmore is the world leader in these services, supporting some of the largest Limited Partners globally.

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We estimate you’re paying at least $X in annual fees. Receive independent validation for as little as X% of these fees.

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