STRIDE by Colmore

Supercharging our
INSIGHT and HELIOS services

What is STRIDE?

Our new, proprietary machine learning solution automates and enhances the way we collect, extract and analyse unstructured data. Increasing our capacity and capability to deliver even more accurate reporting, even faster. Let’s be clear, though. This isn’t just another piece of machine learning tech. Frankly, anyone might think they can produce an AI-powered product for private markets reporting if they put their mind to it. A few already have, and more probably will.

Machine learning
that learns from the best

A machine learning product is only as good as the data it learns from. In this case, that’s the data it’s given as training input, and the people that validate the output.

Unique data

Our data has been built up and validated from over 25 years of processing private markets reporting, which makes it unique within the industry.

Unrivalled expertise

Our analysts have over 300 years of combined experience as LPs and bring this unrivalled knowledge and expertise when it comes to verifying the machine’s work.

And makes the best even better

By freeing up our people to focus on the most complex areas of the validation process, they’re able to add more value, across more funds, more of the time. STRIDE doesn’t just supercharge our services, it gives our people superpowers.

How it works


Digitalisation of unstructured reports

STRIDE recognizes images, text and tables from any bespoke private market report. This data is then converted into a common format that our automated extraction can use natively.


Automated analysis and extraction
of data

Learning from historic and ongoing data training, Stride identifies the correct data to extract from the reports.


Human in-the-loop validation

Your unique data is checked, enriched and verified by Colmore’s team of experts.

Delivered through HELIOS

Analysis delivered through our award-winning HELIOS platform.

What it

Faster, more efficient, even more accurate reporting

We’ve built a machine that gives us the ability to analyse financial data at a scale unlike anything else in the industry.

Our fully-automated solution can digest unstructured data from hundreds of sources and review, analyse and extract the key information into reports. Whilst our human-in-the-loop validation process brings something a machine isn’t able to replicate – Colmore’s unique experience and industry expertise. So you get Colmore-quality analysis, at even greater speed, with even greater accuracy.

Still all as one set of data, in one place. Delivered through our industry-defining technology platform, HELIOS.

Unleashing the full potential of portfolio data today.

What it
for the

A world of new possibilites

Data extraction is just the start.

STRIDE is continuously learning and improving; the more information it processes, the more it is able to understand. And the degree of speed and accuracy at which it operates enables the intelligence of the algorithm to grow exponentially.

This not only revolutionises our ability to deliver reporting today, but also enables us to to deal with the data capture requirements of tomorrow.

So whilst you can’t be sure what your future requirements will be. You can be assured that STRIDE comes with the almost infinitely-scalable capabilities (and without the almost infinitely-scalable costs) to support them.

Unlocking a world of possibilities for private markets reporting tomorrow.

A product born
of our DNA

As a team of LPs, we experienced first-hand the frustration from a lack of standardisation. So we set out to solve these problems. To “drag private equity into the 21st Century”, as we used to say.

But that was just the beginning. We were catching the industry up. Now we’re moving it forward into the future.

STRIDE by COLMORE. is exactly what the name suggests. A big, decisive, forward step. With the sole purpose of driving advancement. Progression. And it’s confident. It has a touch of swagger.

It comes from Colmore, after all.

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