HELIOS by Colmore

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Your challenge

You need to be able to see all of your portfolio information in one place on a platform that is intuitive and useful to all your stakeholders, from Investment Management to Legal, Accounting, and Audit.

Our solution

HELIOS, our proprietary Portfolio Monitoring Platform, delivers real-time drill-through on your private asset portfolios. See your entire portfolio at every level, from the invested funds to the underlying portfolio companies. Tech that was built by LPs, for LPs.

Experience HELIOS

Built for LPs by LPs

  • Built for primary, secondary and direct investments across asset classes
  • Real-time performance analysis and analytics
  • Daily adjusted valuations for cashflows, FX and public pricing
  • Granular asset exposures
  • Simplified and complex reporting
  • Document management with transaction linkage

Complete transparency

  • Drill through the entire investment structure
  • Limited Partner → Invested Fund → Portfolio Company → Financial KPIs
  • See cross asset exposure through many investment routes

Catering to complexity

  • Natively monitor secondary deals, including: deferrals, project hedging, secondary cost logic
  • Dynamic risk modeling through benchmarking, forecasting and attribution models
  • Monitor assets through simple and complex entity structures, using consolidated or expanded views

Connected and mobile

  • Integrated with 3rd party applications to facilitate self-serve reporting and custom data querying
  • Public pricing (e.g. Bloomberg)
  • 3rd party private and public benchmarking sources
  • Dynamic data point linkage to source documentation
  • Built for the client on the move: Mobile, iPad and Desktop enabled

Simulating the future

  • Multi-factor risk modeling software to forecast cash flows, NAVs and IRRs
  • Dynamic inputs including primary / secondary pacing, market volatility and more
  • Monte-Carlo based simulations using over 8,000 primary sourced cashflows
  • Load hypothetical portfolios to stress test different market conditions

Unlimited flexibility

  • A fully customisable platform built around you
  • Drag and drop columns
  • Save favourite views
  • Custom integration with business intelligence tools (PowerBi) and direct excel querying
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