New Mexico State Investment Council partners with Colmore

Dallas, Texas (April 3rd, 2018) – New Mexico State Investment Council (“NMSIC”), the $23 billion permanent fund of the State of New Mexico, announces their partnership with Colmore, the leading provider of services to private markets investors. Colmore will be providing fee validation services across NMSIC’s private markets portfolio. Colmore’s service, Fee Allocation Incentive Reporting, or “FAIR”, is designed to help private markets investors validate fees, expenses and carried interest allocations charged by underlying fund managers.

“With non-traditional investments now making up more than a quarter of the SIC’s portfolio, it is imperative the Council be able to analyze exactly what we are paying for those investments, and to ensure that those costs are accurate and appropriate from a risk/return perspective,” said State Investment Officer Steve Moise. “We believe Colmore will provide the Council with information critical to New Mexico’s investment process.”

Ben Cook, CEO of Colmore said “Colmore is thrilled to partner with the New Mexico State Investment Council. We spent a lot of time developing an approach to fee validation that is both robust and pragmatic.” Cook continued, “We are delighted that an investor with the scale and stature of NMSIC has placed their trust in our team.”

Notes for editors:

Colmore leads the industry in private funds fee validation services, offering limited partners a simple and effective way of gaining greater confidence and transparency in underlying fund charges. Colmore spun out of Capital Dynamics, the global private asset manager, in 2017 and brings over 20 years of experience in supporting investors in private markets.

NMSIC ran a detailed procurement process across multiple providers when making their selection of Colmore.


For further information, please contact:

Ben Cook, Chief Executive Officer

Phone +1 628 220 4980


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