A Comedian and Sailor walk into the Room…Meet Colmore’s new Secret Weapons

Birmingham, UK (May 18, 2020) – Colmore, the leading LP services company is pleased to announce Kamil Leoniuk and Lukasz Szczesiak have joined the firm’s senior technology team to lead a newly formed business unit, dedicated to machine learning and data automation. Through the development of proprietary machine learning software, Leoniuk and Szczesiak will help Colmore further automate the extraction of unstructured private markets reporting data. They will report directly to Gareth Parsons, Colmore’s Development Director. Their extensive financial markets software development experience will directly help Colmore clients unlock meaningful, actionable insights to support LP’s decision making.

Kamil was previously a senior vice president of software engineering. He has extensive experience at multiple buy and sell side financial institutions, building big data machine learning projects, high frequency trading software design and deep learning projects. He has authored and published research on advanced computer systems. He enjoys sailing and building market trading software in his spare time.

Lukasz was previously a senior software engineer at multiple sell side financial institutions, developing software for quantitative investment strategies, valuation control, market data infrastructure and risk modeling. He dedicates his spare time to helping historically underrepresented groups learn to code, running coding dojos for kids and mastering his stand-up ‘comedy skillz’.

“It is phenomenal to reunite with Lukasz and work on a project that has the potential to deeply impact the way information in private markets can be consumed and analysed. We are incredibly impressed with our new colleagues, and we believe we have the perfect combination of business and technical experience to achieve this ambitious project,” stated Leoniuk.

“Stand-up comedy has taught me a really important lesson: delivery is key. The team at Colmore give me confidence and excitement that we are destined to unlock an incredible solution for the market. Partnering again with Kamil to make this happen is something I have been looking forward to for a long time,” stated Szczesiak.

“Kamil and Lukasz have a demonstrated track record of working together to develop meaningful and successful financial services technology software. Our goal is better, faster data to our clients.  We have a great platform in HELIOS and we want to do more.  One of the key elements is the data going into it.  More automation will help us move at light speed,” stated Gareth Parsons, Colmore’s Development Director.

“We know clients want better data and that’s why they come to Colmore.  We also know they want that data faster and more flexibly, to help them make better decisions. We’re investing in more technology to make that happen.  We think the mix of experienced people and machine learning will be a winning combination,” stated Ben Cook, Colmore’s CEO.

About Colmore

COLMORE is a leading, technology-driven investor services business focused on the Limited Partner market. The business operates from five offices located in New York and Dallas in the US, London and Birmingham in the UK, and Zug in Switzerland. COLMORE employs more than 100 professionals and the business monitors over 2,500 private market funds, 33,000+ holdings and undertakes more than 70+ million daily calculations.



For further information, please contact:

Ben Cook, Chief Executive Officer

Email: communication@colmore.com


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