Colmore Wins Two Awards for GP & LP Services

London, UK (June 18, 2018) – When we started Colmore in 2017, we had two simple questions.  First, do investors really have to wait 90 days for information on their PE assets? And, second why is there such a disconnect between a GP’s administration function and their investment team?

We felt we had a great answer to these questions, delivering real-time reporting to PE investors and directly joining fund accounting and reporting not only to a GP’s IM team, but also to IR, Finance, Legal, Treasury etc.  We built the system and called it Helios.

This week, we were delighted to win two technology awards from the Drawdown Magazine; one in relation to Investor services, the second for GP reporting. The awards were voted for by a panel of GPs.  To receive these honors so early in our Colmore adventure is a great shot in the arm for the team.

The PE ecosystem is very healthy and there are lots of companies offering quality support services.  The market realizes that investors and investment managers need timely, consistent information to create useful insight and analysis.  There is also an unstoppable drive towards increased transparency.  The best way to deliver this is through standardization.  The market should provide standardized, accessible data points.  Companies, can then create solutions for clients. Or, clients can create their own.

Technology will enable transparency and Colmore is delighted to be at forefront of it.


For further information, please contact:

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