Colmore, the new Private Equity investor reporting and monitoring provider is relocating staff from Europe and investing in Dallas to serve US based clients. “We’ve been talking to the market since January and looking at the make-up of our operations,” said Ben Cook, Colmore CEO. “The timing is right to commit to the US and build up our presence.”

In addition to the operations center, Colmore are adding a VP of sales in New York. Kevin Watson joins from a FinTech company that serviced the alternative investment community and previously worked at two private equity asset management firms.

“Kevin is such a genuine guy that really gets it,” commented Cook. “He blew us away with his considered approach, backed up with a fantastic brain and years of experience. He is going to bring real value to client conversations.”

Watson added, “It’s 2017. PE investors have been looking for a reporting solution that uses modern technology to provide real time, intelligent insight into portfolios, delivered on any device. Colmore does that. I am beyond excited to bring this to the US market.”

Colmore provides investors real time insight into their private asset portfolios. Using cutting edge technology, Colmore monitors over $2 Trillion in portfolio company assets, servicing over 1,400 limited partners. Colmore is proud to be one of the largest independent service providers for limited partner reporting, quantitative fee tracking, fee validation services and portfolio monitoring. Over 95% of Colmore staff have worked previously at a GP or LP.

For further information, please contact:

Alex Tarantino, Commercial Director

Phone +44 (0) 121 214 9291


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